ECO Statement


In common with the rest of the world Lucarnas are acutely aware of the need for us all to be taking positive steps to combat Carbon Emissions and counteract the deforestation of about 10 billion trees a year. Climate Change is a looming crisis for us all.

ECO Statement Lucarna
ECO Statement Lucarna


We ourselves are working hard to maximise our efforts in achieving an effective sustainability strategy by reducing our carbon footprint through the more effective use of eco-friendly materials and more efficient transport to include electric deliveries where possible.

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Now we have teamed up with SKOOT Eco Group, a top 5% B Corp, to arrange for the planting of thousands of Mangrove Trees in Tudor Creek in Kenya and are looking to work with and engage with our clients to achieve this.

We have agreed for the planting of trees at 50p per tree which, in addition to the beneficial carbon impact these trees will have, will also be providing much needed employment to a highly impoverished local community. To create an immediate difference and double the first year of impact SKOOT “buddies” each tree with a carbon credit that funds sustainable climate projects focussing on renewable power – solar and wind.

By adding just ¼ % as an eco-contribution to each of your bills, we shall be planting trees on behalf of all of our clients and, in addition, we ourselves will pay for the planting of a tree for every tree planted by our clients matching your donation. Our clients will also get their own personal impact certificates and digital profile from SKOOT Eco Group.

We are setting an initial target of planting 20,000 trees per year which will offset and sequester approx. 120,000 Kgs of carbon (equivalent to 120 hot air balloons filled with CO2) in the first year of these trees lives and considerably more over their lifetime.

This project is entirely optional for our clients but we sincerely hope that you will join us in this much needed journey to NET Zero (if you would prefer not to contribute simply notify us that you wish to opt out and the charge will be removed).

About Skoot
SKOOT is a Top 5% B Corp looking to help reverse the effects of Climate Change with small “in the moment” affordable solutions. Through education and award winning customer engagement tools, SKOOT enables the certification and showcasing of trees planted through each customer’s digital impact page, highlighting total trees planted, location and age of each tree. We can make a huge difference to the World and welcome you to join the SKOOT community.

For more details please click the link below or scan the QR Code.

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